The 60th anniversary from the day of birth of Vasyl Brenzovych.


An Honoured Artist of Ukraine Vasyl Brenzovych was born on May, 20, 1951 in a village Lyta in the Bereznuy region. From his early years he took a pencil to his hands, to paint, as his father used to. A desire to draw grew to realization, but realized only after service in the army, already in mature age. The Uzhgorod school of the applied art attracted V.Brenzovych by possibility to get education. In his imagination a fellow already was creating.
From 1972 till 1976 he studied at school on the department of artistic treatment of wood. This choice was accepted by the friendly advice of his teacher Y. Pala. Simple and wise worldly truths of the famous sculptors and teachers V. Svyda and I. Garapka needed a professional increase. I. Manaylo, V. Demydyk and V. Petrezky shared the composition and picturesque secrets with students. The preparation of carvers was different, gave the knowledge of both - painting and draft. It attracted an active, hard-working and persistent V. Brenzovych.

The professionalism and expediency of realizable choice was confirmed by life. V. Brenzovych in carving, constructing and painting, is grateful to the teaching in “classic school". The artist with fascination applies the obtained knowledge of artistic treatment of wood during the forming churches interiors. The making of iconostasis becomes a spotlight and main work of artist.

Vasyl Brenzovych showed himself as an interesting painter, the author of numerous portraits of the contemporaries, habitants of the remarkable Silver Land. The most successful portraits show simple people at their work, that appear in the life of artist. Travelling through Transcarpathia, the artist found and painted "The Grandmother from Dubove", "The Grandfather -a lumberjack from Sloboda" (2009), "A Portrait of the Honoured sheep farmer of Ukraine".
The portrait “The Honoured Artist of Ukraine – Stepan Sholtes” is fulled by special aura of goodwill, intelligence and the warmth of soul.

You can visit the exhibition of creative works by Vasyl Brenzovych dedicated to the 60th anniversary from the day of his birth at the Museum of Y. Bokshay till July, 5, 2011.


5th anniversary of the Transcarpathian Association of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine

One Decade Out of Ninety Creative Years

The Transcarpathian Association of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine has arrived at its 65th anniversary, and with it a good opportunity has presented itself to glance back at the past, to look more intensely at the present and to try to peer into the future, which as is known, stems from the past and rests in the continual flux of the moment.