Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary from the day of birth of ANTON KASHAY

Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary from the day of birth of ANTON KASHAY
An Honoured Artist of Ukraine
24.02.1921 – 31.12.1991

ANTON KASHAY was one of the prominent artists of the Transcarpathian region. His brilliant and bright work glorified his name for his life. He tested glory and authority from the beginning of his artistic way, and it accompanied him all his life.
The artist was born on February 24, 1921 in the village of Dubrynychy, Perechyn, Transcarpathia. His father - Myhailo Kashay - was a forest ranger, who devoted all his life to the forests of Carpathians. As soon as the boy grew up, his father began to take him to the forest. In addition, his father had an outstanding talent of artist that is why Anton began to draw already from his early child`s years.

In 1929 the Kashay family moved to Uzhgorod. A fellow entered gymnasium, where the famous artist and teacher Joseph Bokshay was teaching. The artist quickly detected a gift in Anton’s pictures and began to teach him. Afterwards Anton meets other prominent artists -Adalbert Erdely, Fedir Мanaylo and Omelyan Grabovsky. As time goes by in the persons of Y. Bokshay, A.Erdelyand F. Manaylo young talent found not only teacher that helped him to get bases of artistic education but also real tutors that influenced on forming his world view as an artist and man. Anton Kashay entered the circle of young artists that united near A. Erdely, Y. Bokshay, O. Grabovsky and F. Manaylo - yet youth, but already known A. Kotska, A. Boretsky, Z. Sholtes, Е. Kontratovych and other brilliant artists.

In 1939 a fellow graduated gymnasium. He dreamed about further studies, but the war began, therefore studies were stopped. At first he went to work to the forest district, and then to the financial department, where he worked up till 1945. All these years he doesn’t forget about art and he draws and meets teachers and other artists. In 1945 he decided to change activity and quits the financial department. He works only in art.
In 1946 he is accepted to the Union of artists. Already in 1947 on the regional exhibition in Uzhgorod his work "The House in Domanyncy" attracts the real attention to the artist. In the beginning of 50th he created pictures that at once put his name on the level of the famous masters of that time. They are - "Winter in Carpathians", "Under a mountain", "Early spring", "Last snow", "Sunny day", "Trees", "On the river of Uzh", "Spring in Carpathians", "Autumn", "After rain" etc. The first success comes when works are shown in Moscow. The picture "Winter in Carpathians" (in 1952) was purchased by the State Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow. After this, Anton’s works began to fill up collections in different museums.
For his long life, works of Anton Kashay travelled all over the world, they were presented in Tretiakov Gallery, in the Pushkin museum, in the Kyiv museum of fine art and actually in all regional museums of Ukraine, and also in the Ukrainian museums and galleries in Canada, America, Japan, Italy, Norway, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and in many other countries. There is a personal gallery of the artist in Toronto, Canada.
Man of large temper, Anton Кashay headed Transcarpathian regional Union of artists of Ukraine over 15 years (from 1961). He did extraordinarily much for artists, supported them - fought for an accommodation for them, "beat out” workshops, provided artistic materials, supported materially and never required debts, ordered pictures of artists to the different exhibitions, helped with catalogues. Nowadays his name is adopted to the Union of independent artists of Transcarpathia.

Anton Кashay was an incredible artist. He inspired others with the energy and optimism. In the circle of contemporaries he was distinguished by some "Europeanness" and society charm, and his pictures – by internal freedom and bright force. He was the "world man", had many interesting friends -Havrylo Gluk, Adalbert Boretsky, Zoltan Sholtes, Тetyana Yablonska.
There always were many guests in his house - he was a hospitable and sincere man. But foremost his name was known by all people in Transcarpathia. Pictures of artist are priceless cultural acquisition of Ukraine, and his name symbolizes one of the brightest pages of the classics of the Ukrainian painting.

- in 1946 - a member of Union of artists of Ukraine
- in 1960 - awarded the rank of the honoured worker of arts
- in 1964 – awarded he rank of folk artist of Ukraine


Olena Кashay,
art critic.